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2024 Canes Film Festival
Rules and regulations



  • Films/videos submitted to screen at the Festival must have been completed for credit in an official CCA course during the period of Jan 1, 2023 – April 15, 2024



  • Films/videos previously screened at the Canes Film Festival are not eligible for screening.

  • Films/videos submitted to screen at the Festival must have been completed for credit in an official CCA course during the period of Jan 1 2023 – April 15, 2024.

  • Only feature film scripts (@90 pages) or TV episodic scripts may be entered in the Script Competition.

  • No partially completed projects. Films/Script may not be entered in more than one festival year.

  • Trailers for upcoming films must be under 2 minutes.

  • Best Film Awards are presented to the listed project's producer.

  • Only students who are currently enrolled at UM (or students enrolled at the school during production of the film/video/Script) are eligible for prizes (except for Actor/Actress and Music Composition)

  • Films must NOT exceed 20 minutes in length (including titles). Films OVER the assigned time limit will NOT compete or screen.

  • LANGUAGE OTHER THAN ENGLISH: Programs in languages other than English may be entered; CANES FEST requires that these entrants submit their entries with English subtitles.

  • INTENTIONAL FALSIFICATION: The entrant warrants that he/she/they are the party(ies) most responsible for the award-worthiness of the entry. The intentional falsification of production credits or entry credits may be the basis for disqualification.

  • COPYRIGHT: Each entrant agrees that any form of analog and/or digital recording, whether it be film, tape recording, screenshot or supplemental printed material that is furnished to CANES FEST in connection with an entry may be retained by the National Academy for file, reference and archival purposes and may be viewed partially or in its entirety for judging purposes. All of, or portions of, said content may be used on or in connection with the awards ceremony, any broadcast/telecast and other exhibition, including internet; as well as with promotional announcements or activities for any of the foregoing. If required, the entrant is further responsible for approval and clearances to the appropriate parties for any use of this copyright content.

  • WHO RECEIVES THE AWARD? Producers, craft persons and other eligible entrants as listed on the entry form receive the CANES statuette. 

  • Only ONE award per category per winner will be presented at the festival.

  • Other Duplicate award statuette may be purchased by producers for distribution to individuals – contact the Festival Committee.



LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Entries, and entry forms must be received by the dates listed on the entry form. NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 6PM.


  1. All entries in a particular category will be judged by the same panel of judges.

  2. Generally 3 separate Judges will judge each category.

  3. The finalist of each category will be presented to the final (or LA judges) for consideration for best of fest awards.




If you have any questions contact:

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